2012 The year of Implementing Ideas and Aspirations


Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 was a bi-polar emotional never ending roller coster. It had so many unpredictable twist and turns I didn't know which way I was going. From the start of the year until now it was like I was a plate of stress and a big ol' nice tall glass of craziness was forced in front of me.
This year I would like to start off on a clean palate free of emotions and stress. I want to make this year the year of implementing my goals and aspirations. This year has a lot in store for me and I want to take everything with dignity that comes my way. I'm also going to something that I should have done years ago........Im going to start writing my goals down...........Gasp....... I know it's so elementary, but it helps. I've done it a couple of times, but I just haven't really stuck with it. Im going to start off by writing my goals for the year down and divide that by into the bi-yearly goals. I will then separate them by monthly and then into weekly goals.
 Also before I want to reconnect my self with the Spanish language again. Before I moved away from Texas four years ago I could somewhat speak, write and read it. I want to become bi-lengual with Spanish being my second language.
I'm also going to start being more healthy as in working out more often. About seven months ago I bought a yoga mat and two five pound dumbbells for me to use and I think I have only used them about six times since I bought them. Well come 2012 Im putting them to use. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure runs deep on both sides of my family and the only way I can prevent that from happening to me is by staying active and keeping a healthy diet.
When I was younger I was so care free about the things that I enjoyed. If I felt like painting then I would get my paints out and paint, not caring what then end result would look like. If I wanted to take the time time out and do my toenails all pretty then I would get out my nail art supplies and do just that. I find myself now being to critical of what I do that I'm not able to do things to the full capacity of what I know I can do them in. I tend to work, work, work, and work some more with out enjoying the benefits of my hard work. I had so many emotional and mental break downs because of my all work and no play strategy. Let me tell y'all, that needs to not happen again until I'm in my 30's entering into my mid-life crises.
With all that said I will kindly say with all my heart. Goodbye 2011 you will not be missed. Trust me you will always be remembered but never missed and I mean that from the bottom of my heart with all the kindness that I can give. I'm so ready for Mr. 2012 to come and swoop me away to bring my shower of blessings and happiness.
But anyway I'm going to call it a night and I hope the year 2012 brings many blessing to y'all.

Happy New Year's!!!!!!!!

Mac Book Fun


Saturday, December 10, 2011

I was having a little bit too much fun the other day when I blew my hair out. I was surprised how big it has gotten considering I just blew it out this summer. :) Hope Y'all enjoy just as much as I do

2011 Christmas Wish List!!!


These are my top 10 most wanted items in no particular order

1. I  want to add a pair of bad ass vintage cat eye glasses in red or black to my wardrobe

2. I believe every music lover should own a vintage record player. I really really want one to compliment my record collection that I have. 

3. Cheap Monday Luna Shirt Dress in Rust even though its winter I could still rock this with a pair of nice patterned tights or black stocking with a back seam, but I would mostly wear this in the summer with a pair of colored sandal heels

4. I have sooo many red lipsticks, but I still haven't came across the one yet maybe for the holidays I'll try Nars Jungle Red Lipstick 

5. Boater Hat. I've always loved hat's but I've only been able to wear them only a couple times in the past year and a half because my hair has gotten to big and hats wont fit :(, but I think I'm going to make more of an effort to create hairstyles that work with hats.

6. Christian Louboutin Cobalt Blue Suede Pumps- No explanation needed :) Louboutin's are a girls best friend, hopefully santa will be kind enough to drop them down my chimney :)

7. Im already a sucka for anything high waist and I've been having my eye on these light wash high waist jeans by American Apparel  

8. I gotta keep it classy with my Patron...Okaay!

9. I don't usually like to wear makeup or blush on my face but this is the perfect alternative to blush if you're going for a natural blush look. I bought this last year and it turns your cheeks to its natural blush color. I also use this on my lips and eyelids to give myself a natural rosy dewy look. I love this stuff!!! O Glow by Smashbox

10. I came across this Jewelry designer Mayu Bijoux and I adore all of her jewelry especially her earrings but I really want to add one of her bracelets to my jewelry collection. 

Nicky Nylon


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Okay, so I'm very excited to introduce ya'll to a very good friend of mine from New Jersey; he's a guy of many talents. I  met him three years ago in San Francisco. I was a fashion major and he was studying photography. He then left for a semester and then came back to SF and now Nicky and I have found our way to New York. I am very inspired by him. I don't have lazy asses for friends, at all. All of the people that I surround myself with are very successful, determined and have passion for their craft and Nicky is just one example. He's hasn't even reached the age of 21 yet, but he is having much success as a photographer and now he's getting into the music game. He just released his first single off of his mix-tape. I just heard it this morning and let me tell y'all, before I even listened to it, I already knew that he was a bout to bust that track wide open y'all. His single goes HAM!!! (and that's an understatement) 

Check his work out here

Listen to his single off his mixture



Monday, August 8, 2011

I ran across this video on youtube the other day. It's really inspiring especially since I'm in the process of building up my lingerie brand Casa de Yanga. It has been really frustrating because I feel as though I'm not where I want to be in my career right now. I'm very hard on myself, but It's because I have to. I have a goal that I'm trying to achieve.  If there is anyone who is pursuing any form of art as their career then you should be push yourself until it hurts. The life of an artist is hard, but if you're not doing things everyday that'll better you and your career then you might as well forget about. You have to push yourself to the limit everyday because there are a million of other people that are striving to be either just like you or better than you. But anyway check this video out. Hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did :)

I guess I'll see you next life time....


Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Well I guess I'll see you next lifetime
Baby we'll be butterflies
I guess I'll see you next lifetime
That sounds so divine
I guess I'll see you next lifetime
I guess I will now
I guess I'll see you next lifetime......"

Happy 4th of July


Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy 4th of July.... or should I say happy fro day! For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Fro Day or Fro's on the 4th, It celebrates the beauty of women with kinky, curly or coily hair. It gives us women a chance to wear our hair big, happy and proud ;). Just as we Americans celebrate our Declaration of Independence  from Great Britan, Naturalista's celebrate our independence from the norm and from what society considers to be beautiful. Fro's on the 4th is when women with textured hair display our beauty that was slandered, scorn and criticized by others. Since im not going out today, I have so much work to catch up on, I wont be wearing my hair in a fro :(.Thus fore im leaving y'all with a shit load of some pictures that I took a while back with my hair fro'ed out.....Enjoy!

Sorry for my Absence


Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey y'all, I know i've been MIA for a little bit over a month now. I've been extremely busy with moving into my new apartment and getting situated. I wanted to put up a couple of posts, but I didn't feel comfortable with posting straight bullshit, so I just ceased the postings.  I've also been so stressed out.  I received some bad news the other day and im starting to feel that college isn't for everybody....well  i always knew that, but i've never acted on it.

Geometric Days


Monday, May 9, 2011

As many of you all might now, I love Art, weather it may be visual or performing arts, I love it all. On April 30th I attended Exit Art's Geometric Days closing, which was an exhibition that featured eight artists whose deployment of geometry exposes organizational structures from political, microscopic and spiritual dimensions. My Favorite Artist of the night Peter Hildebrand, who was accompanied by his son and wife, created several pieces that I absolutely fell in love with. I actually had the opportunity to talk to him about a few of his pieces. He said that it took him on an average of three months to complete each painting.  Hildebrand's work was in a league of its own compared to all of the other artist. By the end of the night a band of four men (sorry y'all I forgot the name of the band) entertained the crowd with a couple of their own rock selections. They were very energetic the way they interacted with the crowd.

Here's a video from the night

The lake & stars!!!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011

Last week I had the opportunity to listen to a lecture, by the lake & Stars. I just recently discovered them about three months ago. They are a fairly new and small luxury lingerie company, that incorporates humor, sensuality, and intelligence into their designs. During the lecture they discussed their education along with their background and their struggles of being a small lingerie company having to finance everything themselves and keeping true to their aesthetic as they do projects for more established individuals. As for me I left the lecture feeling more inspired than I have in while since I moved here in September. Each week I make progress with my vision and line of Yanga.

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