Geometric Days

Monday, May 9, 2011

As many of you all might now, I love Art, weather it may be visual or performing arts, I love it all. On April 30th I attended Exit Art's Geometric Days closing, which was an exhibition that featured eight artists whose deployment of geometry exposes organizational structures from political, microscopic and spiritual dimensions. My Favorite Artist of the night Peter Hildebrand, who was accompanied by his son and wife, created several pieces that I absolutely fell in love with. I actually had the opportunity to talk to him about a few of his pieces. He said that it took him on an average of three months to complete each painting.  Hildebrand's work was in a league of its own compared to all of the other artist. By the end of the night a band of four men (sorry y'all I forgot the name of the band) entertained the crowd with a couple of their own rock selections. They were very energetic the way they interacted with the crowd.

Here's a video from the night

 Thats me Coco by one of Hildebrand's works of art!!!

 Hildebrand with his son

 Very Intricate and detailed work

 The band whose name I forgot

 Im a suckah for wine

Me and Sindhoori, Exit Art's talented graphic designer


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