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Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey y'all, I know i've been MIA for a little bit over a month now. I've been extremely busy with moving into my new apartment and getting situated. I wanted to put up a couple of posts, but I didn't feel comfortable with posting straight bullshit, so I just ceased the postings.  I've also been so stressed out.  I received some bad news the other day and im starting to feel that college isn't for everybody....well  i always knew that, but i've never acted on it.

 Im contemplating if i should even stay in school right now. In a way its holding me back from what I need to do.  I feel that as an artist you don't need school; you either have "it" or you don't. The only reason why artist go to school is to perfect their techniques and build on what they already know. It seems as every step i take towards my goal i get pushed two steps back by someone or something trying to stop me from reaching my destination. Life's a fuckin bitch, but my hustle and perseverance is a even bigger one, trust me. Its been rough though. I was invited by my friend Tiffany who lives out in the bay area to produce jewelry for a fashion show with several ready-to-wear and swimwear designers. As of now I am in a financial bind :( Although I'll be able to produce the jewelry for the show, it wont look as elaborate as I wish. I have to go now and change the whole theme of the collection. Well....if its not one thing its another. I'm not complaining or anything I just wish that I was more financially able to do things how and when I wish to do them. These are just the perks of being a designer. Also since moving to my place in Brooklyn I have not had my sewing machine or dress form. Its being sent as of now and it should be here at least by the end of the week, so y'all should be seeing some of my lingerie and swimwear pieces. On top of trying to start my business, I've been trying to find business partners. Its very hard as a designer focus on the creative aspect of your business as well as trying to do the marketing and advertising for it. I was blessed two friends of mine to assist me with the financial and the graphics of my business. Thank God! I know that these are just the everyday struggles of an up and coming designer, but shit its rough. But I know that where there's darkness the light is soon to come. I just finished talking to some of my close friends while listening to some tunes by Goapele and was able to have a moment of clarity.... I now know what I have to do about my little situation. I just cant let it phase me or anyone else. So y'all tune in some time next week for another posting. I just finished my glass of wine.....well third glass..(this is a no judgement zone) so I need to run to the liquor store for another bottle. Bye Y'all, Love you :)


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