2011 Christmas Wish List!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

These are my top 10 most wanted items in no particular order

1. I  want to add a pair of bad ass vintage cat eye glasses in red or black to my wardrobe

2. I believe every music lover should own a vintage record player. I really really want one to compliment my record collection that I have. 

3. Cheap Monday Luna Shirt Dress in Rust even though its winter I could still rock this with a pair of nice patterned tights or black stocking with a back seam, but I would mostly wear this in the summer with a pair of colored sandal heels

4. I have sooo many red lipsticks, but I still haven't came across the one yet maybe for the holidays I'll try Nars Jungle Red Lipstick 

5. Boater Hat. I've always loved hat's but I've only been able to wear them only a couple times in the past year and a half because my hair has gotten to big and hats wont fit :(, but I think I'm going to make more of an effort to create hairstyles that work with hats.

6. Christian Louboutin Cobalt Blue Suede Pumps- No explanation needed :) Louboutin's are a girls best friend, hopefully santa will be kind enough to drop them down my chimney :)

7. Im already a sucka for anything high waist and I've been having my eye on these light wash high waist jeans by American Apparel  

8. I gotta keep it classy with my Patron...Okaay!

9. I don't usually like to wear makeup or blush on my face but this is the perfect alternative to blush if you're going for a natural blush look. I bought this last year and it turns your cheeks to its natural blush color. I also use this on my lips and eyelids to give myself a natural rosy dewy look. I love this stuff!!! O Glow by Smashbox

10. I came across this Jewelry designer Mayu Bijoux and I adore all of her jewelry especially her earrings but I really want to add one of her bracelets to my jewelry collection. 


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