Never Ending Style: Sonange

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I always loved Solange every since she released her first album, Solo Star in 2003. Her making the decision to go natural pushed me to admire her even more. Not because I was transitioning at the time, but because it took a lot of courage for her to do what she did. She got so much flack and negative press for choosing to cut away her relaxed ends away and opting for a more natural aesthetic approach to beauty. In my opinion that's when she started to come into her own.  

People are now starting to recognize and refer to her as Solange and not Beyonce's little sister. Her style has also become more eclectic and mature as well. She is a living example of that little saying "A woman should't let the clothes wear her, but she should wear the clothes." (something like that) She's like that famous underground stylish chic, who hip people wish they could be like. She has totally re-invented herself while being a mother, sister, daughter and aunt. 

Check out her video with Carols Daughter


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