Monday, March 12, 2012

Texture. Color. Pattern.


Every season I like to draw inspiration from what interest me at the moment. It may be a certain time period, event, color, place and even a particular memory. It tends to make shopping more fun and easier, well... in a way. At times it can get a little frustrating because whatever I might be inspired by might not be on trend for the season which means I have to do a lot of extra searching for pieces at thrift/vintage and consignment stores. Online sites such as ebay and etsy are also helpful in finding specific items of interest. Texture, Color, & Patterns will be my inspiration for Spring/Summer 2012. 

Before I started creating inspiration boards for the seasons, I had a difficult time shopping. It would take me forever because I would just pick up things that were to vast in variety. I didn't have a certain image in mind of what I wanted or what I was looking for, thus fore I would end up wasting money. I would either never wear the items or they would later be returned or exchanged for something more useful.  I find that doing this ensures me that I only spend money on clothes/accessories that I genuinely need want as opposed to pieces that I think/hope I might wear in the near future. It also makes my closet more diverse and interesting as far as having a variety of colors and styles to choose from. I've never really been the one to follow fashion trends and fads, which is a reason why shopping from inspiration boards can be a little challenging.  Yes, I do buy fashion magazines and faithfully read style and a variety of fashion blogs, but I only do to keep abreast of what is happening in the fashion industry and plus it aids in ways of finding sources of inspiration. For this Spring/Summer I will be pairing striking colors with interesting prints while incorporating increments of texture throughout the season. I'm not interested in unusual or compacted silhouettes, so you wont see me wearing to much of that this season. I'm infamous for wearing floral prints for the spring and summer seasons, so this season I want to change it up a bit and incorporate abstract and geometric patterns to my wardrobe. I also want to keep my silhouette similar to what I usually wear; a 40's/50's inspired shape of an hourglass giving an emphasis to my small waist. As far as texture goes, I'm going to keep that simple as well. I want to incorporate soft textures into my accessories such as belts, purses and shoes.

Texture for my accessories :)

Fun colors...I seem to have a lot of yellow

Interesting patterns I found

See you soon
 Spring/Summer 2012!!!


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