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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pastel Oreo Cookies and Touches of Pink

My life for the past couple of weeks has been pretty much hectic, unpredictable and crazy. Most of it good and the rest...well... I wouldn't know how to describe it as. When life for me gets like this I like to get back to the basics. Going back to things that puts my mind at ease. I moved away from home in the summer of 2008 to San Francisco where I slowly adapted to becoming a city girl that was born and raised in the country. You know the kind of girl that had  chickens and pigs for pets and doing man type yard work even when I have a brother and a dad who was very capable of doing this on their own, yea that was me. Being the go-getter of a woman that I am, I chose to move to the Big Ass Apple last year. I love it here, but I also miss where I came up, how I grew up, the genuine honest country folk I was surrounded by and the nature and animals. The funny thing is, I never knew that I actually loved all of those things about myself, but nevertheless when the big city takes a toll on me I have to go back to the basics and surround myself with the familiar. 

My new find :)


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Okay this is random in itself how this happened, but never the less I'm glad. So friday after an appointment in the east village, im walking back to catch the train, but as I'm walking I realized that I'm going the wrong way. You would think that I would just turn around and start back walking in the right direction or ask someone for help, but no, me being the stubborn person that I am chooses to keep on walking. smh. well I'm glad I choose to because I stumbled myself into this AMAZING boutique hat store, The Village Scandal. It's a small quaint shop that sells a wide variety of handmade and vintage hats from the big floppy ones to fedoras and derby hats. So I walk in to see their array of hats, not really expecting to buy anything, because I'm on a budget... or well I'm trying to be. My eyes lead me straight to this handmade boater hat....I picked it up....I tried it on...and it fit! My stomach dropped straight to my toes and I did a little happy dance on the inside. I was leaving with a new found friend. Me and the sales associate ( I forgot her name...Sorry) talked for a while about hats and other good things and I confided in her that I've been looking for a boater hat just like this one for so long, but I haven't had any luck. I was searching on ebay and etsy for the longest, but was afraid to buy one. Boater hats are not an inexpensive item, they usually cost a nice penny and I didn't want to put down that kind of money on something that I was unsure of the fit and quality especially since my hair has gotten a hell of a lot bigger. Anyway with all that said, I cant wait to wear it out.

Hope y'all didn't notice the XXL size tag, my hair get bigger by the day,  lol

 Hand made in Panama, You cant beat quality

A Dose of Nudity


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's something about being nude that is beautiful, soft, but yet powerful. It's the rawness of it all; the fact that there is nothing else left to hide. Being nude is you opening up your soul to yourself first, and then to whoever else you may chose to show yourself with. Nudity is unapologetic, and each one is unique, one nude figure is totally different from the next and the same nude figure now will look varied 10 years from now. It's an honest beauty that only gets better with time, but yet it's shunned upon. When you actually see yourself in the nude for the first time, your body seems like a foreign alluring creature or something exotic that catches you off guard. So you study this foreign specimen, examining the curves, dips and valley that you're not used to seeing uncovered; unclothed. 
The more you start to identify yourself to that nude figure, the more confident you'll be in the outside world clothed. No one wont be able to tell you that you aren't beautiful. Being nude is erotic, natural and it builds self confidence that you have never had before. I recommend this to every woman I know. The more you get comfortable getting to know yourself the more comfortable you'll be in public.

photo credit unknown

Would You Rock These?


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Roger Vivier peacock feather pumps

Hmmm...I like these shoes only because they're different and will most definitely get looks and several photos from street photographers. I probably would buy these  because they're different, unique, rare and plus no one else would probably have them. (Yes, I am that woman who uses that reason to justify myself into buying crazy fashions ;) The question to myself wouldn't be, "Would I wear them?", but "Where I would wear them to?" I know they would probably stay in my closet for a couple of seasons until I found that perfect place/event to wear them to. And don't think about me riding the subways and walking down the New York City streets with these baby's on. Naahhh... Im either taking taxi or hiring a personal driver because I'd be damned to loose a feather of off my bird shoes.

Quote of the Day- 4.14.12


"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it."

I found this artist while browsing through my tumblr, At a glance they looked like extremely worn books, but in actuality they were tattered bricks that were created to imitate books. This goes to show you anything can be turned into something aesthetically beautiful. 

Spring Preparation: Part 2


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Statement Jewelry 

I enjoy incorporating statement jewelry into my wardrobe because it can frame a boring outfit, into something fashion forward. Although it's a bold look it's easy to pull off. 
Lets say you have on a plain strapless summer dress or a pair of jeans with a tank. The outfit can scream out safe (BORING) when it's worn by itself. Outfits left alone like that, is comparable to looking at a picture without a frame. This is where "statement jewelry" comes in handy. Even if your outfit is already nice, but you still want that "extra something" to put a little umph into your outfit, don't be afraid to throw on a couple of statement pieces. Sometimes people say less is more, but I beg to differ. To me it just depends on what your personality says about you and if you have to confidence to pull it off. 

Here are some examples of lovely ladies who are showing off their statement jewelry

Spring Preparation: Part 1


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ankle Strap Heels :)

Ankle strap heels are a must have for my shoe collection for this SS2012.  It's an easy way to keep heads turning while you're  sashaying down the street. Ankle strap heels can be classified as somewhere in between sexy and flirtatious. The strap of the heel, which stops an inch or so above the ankle, gives an emphasis on the calves. It doesn't matter if you have muscular calves or flabby ones, the reason why I LOOOVE heels so much is that they make the muscles in your legs pronounce, especially in the bottom half of the leg. And if your calves  tend to be on the flabby or less pronounced side, my dose of medicine is to buy a pair of comfortable heels and wear them at least four days out of the week for the minimum of half the day, trust me you'll feel the muscles in your legs getting sore by day two; it's like an undercover workout.  ;)  Nevertheless be sure to get a couple pairs of nice, bright, and colorful ankle strap heels, and don't forget about a basic black one such as a heel similar to Alexander Wang's.

1.Diane Von Furstenberg
2.Alexander Wang
3. Charlotte Olympia
4. Giambattista Valli 
5. Brian Atwood
6. DKNY 
7.Bottega Veneta
8. Christian Louboutin 
9. Stella McCartney 
10. Alexander Wang
11. Jimmy Choo
12. Burberry Prorsum

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