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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pastel Oreo Cookies and Touches of Pink

My life for the past couple of weeks has been pretty much hectic, unpredictable and crazy. Most of it good and the rest...well... I wouldn't know how to describe it as. When life for me gets like this I like to get back to the basics. Going back to things that puts my mind at ease. I moved away from home in the summer of 2008 to San Francisco where I slowly adapted to becoming a city girl that was born and raised in the country. You know the kind of girl that had  chickens and pigs for pets and doing man type yard work even when I have a brother and a dad who was very capable of doing this on their own, yea that was me. Being the go-getter of a woman that I am, I chose to move to the Big Ass Apple last year. I love it here, but I also miss where I came up, how I grew up, the genuine honest country folk I was surrounded by and the nature and animals. The funny thing is, I never knew that I actually loved all of those things about myself, but nevertheless when the big city takes a toll on me I have to go back to the basics and surround myself with the familiar. 

Left to Right- I've always had a thing for most items that had an antique aesthetic which is why I  absolutely love this bird cage with the roses wrapped around it. I most likely wouldn't stuff a bird in there, but it would be pretty cool for decoration. I found this picture of the pink doorway on my tumblr a while back and saved it. I would love to do a photo-shoot there. It reminds me of Cuba or Brazil even though I've never been there (they're definitely on my travel list). Omg this bike is so adorable. I really don't ride bicycles that often any more only because when I was younger I had an umpteen amount of terrible accidents from falling. Im so afraid that the next time I get on one I'm either going to get smashed by a car or fall somehow and crack my scull open ( I know intense, right? lol). Even with all of that I could really see myself riding down some old country dirt road in the summer time picking up flowers and berries. I found these pastel oreo cookie on my tumblr as well. They're so cute. I don't know it they really sell them like this, but I want them. This room is what I want my kitchen/dining area to look like once I get a house.  I enjoy seeing a lot of the rustic furnishings and decoration with pink colors and flowers implemented into the room. This tree with the pink/purple flowers is a picture that I took when I was in Central Park this past week. I love how the light that is coming in from the left side of the picture gently brushes the tree's bark and flower petals.


  1. Ok, so I really am gonna need these pastel Oreo cookies like right now!!! OMG. They are so stinking cute! I'd so use them for decorations on my table somewhere....maybe my bedroom...very good girl sexy like!! :-) I love all the pics and how you put them together. Super cute love!

    1. I know they're adorable. I have got to see if they make them or not :0

  2. Ok soooooo.....those pastel Oreos are making me very happy! I want now!

  3. Omg yees I know :) thanks for the comment!


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