Spring Preparation: Part 2

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Statement Jewelry 

I enjoy incorporating statement jewelry into my wardrobe because it can frame a boring outfit, into something fashion forward. Although it's a bold look it's easy to pull off. 
Lets say you have on a plain strapless summer dress or a pair of jeans with a tank. The outfit can scream out safe (BORING) when it's worn by itself. Outfits left alone like that, is comparable to looking at a picture without a frame. This is where "statement jewelry" comes in handy. Even if your outfit is already nice, but you still want that "extra something" to put a little umph into your outfit, don't be afraid to throw on a couple of statement pieces. Sometimes people say less is more, but I beg to differ. To me it just depends on what your personality says about you and if you have to confidence to pull it off. 

Here are some examples of lovely ladies who are showing off their statement jewelry

1. Aurelie Bidermann
2. Aurelie Bidermann
3. Dannijo 
4. Dezso by Sara Beltran
5. Herve Van der Straten
6. Kara Ross
7. Monique Pean
8. Monique Pean
9. Lulu Frost
10. Akong

1. Aurelie Bidermann
2. Dannijo
3. Dannijo
4. Herve Van der Straeten
5. Kimberly McDondald
6. Lulu Frost
7. Pamela Love
8. Pamela Love
9. Christian Dior
10. Kara Ross

1. Aurelie Bidermann
2. Gripoix by Catherine Baba
3. Kara Ross
4. Kimberly McDonald
5. Monique Pean
6. Oscar de la Renta
7. Oscar de la Renta
8. Monique Pean 
9. Pamela Love
10. Flutter

1. Dannijo
2. Aurelie Bidermann
3. Aurelie Bidermann
4. Kimberly McDonald
5. Kimberly McDonald
6. Kimberly McDonald
7. Lizzie Fortunato
8. Marni
9. Wilfred Rosado
10. Lizzie Fortunato 


  1. everything is so wonderful! i couldn't decide which of them is the most beautiful!
    nice blog:)

  2. thank you so much, I know, I love them all too :)

  3. arelie bidermann stuff is soooo beautiful


    1. I know, her and pamela rose are my two favorite

  4. I love that Lulu frost necklace looking her up now!!!


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