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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Black and White Stripes Everywhere 

Okay so lately I have been obsessing over black and white stripes. It's crazy because once I start obsessing over something, then I start seeing  it everywhere. I swear it's like these stripes came out of nowhere. I can't even tell you how many people I've passed up on the street who are wearing black and white stripes. They can make the most simplest, plain and boring objects and clothes become chic. 
These are a few of pictures that I have collected through my Tumblr, Facebook, and Pinterest
From L-R: The interior of this room is wonderful. A lot of the times when rooms are painted with this type of bubblegum pink color it can look too kidish for an adult. The black and white zebra striped rug paired with the striped vase somehow matures this room. By the way, that giraffe in the corner is sooo cute. 
The photography and graphics on this photo is amazing, I'm dying to know how they accomplished this. Although the woman in this photo isn't technically "nude" I think it's wonderful how artistic the bare body can be. 
This picture reminds me of the victorian era meet the modern day times. It has a whimsical element and mysterious beauty about it. Maybe it's the way the woman is standing and gazing into the audience. There is also a nice contrast between the stripes underneath the umbrella and the stripes of her dress. 
I don't know who this dress is made by, but all I know is that I want it. I usually stray away from most striped garments, depending on the make, but the way the stripes are arranged it can be flattering on most body types. The vertical stripes that are placed in the middle will make you appear tall and lean and on the opposites sides the diagonal stripes slims down your hips.
 I don't know if this is a real versace bustier top, but it looks damn good :)! I would love to wear this somewhere with a pair of black high waist pants paired with a pair of  sexy red stilettos. Her necklace is amazing as well. 
Okay, now I have to keep this picture of this bathroom design until I have  my dream house built. I want my bathroom to look exactly like this. I can totally see myself soaking in a nice warm bubble bath with a glass of wine with the candles lit and with a mix of  Robin Thicke, Maxwell, Goapele, and some Corrine Bailey Rae playing in the background. Perfect!


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