Current Shoe Obsession


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Christian Louboutin: 20th Anniversary Unzip 100 suede sandals

Givenchy: Embellished Hagfish Sandal

Diane Von Furstenberg: Jodi Color-Block Suede Sandals

Christian Louboutin: Sylvieta 120 Color-Block Leather Sandals

Givenchy: Animal-Print Calf Hair Sandals

Nicholas Kirkwood: Sude & Elaphe Slingback Sandals

Mellow Melon Margarita


A perfect pink drink to compliment your summer festivities!!!

1-1/2 oz. Patron Silver Tequila
1 oz. fresh lime juice, freshly squeezed
1 oz. orange juice
1 Tbs. agave nectar
5 watermelon cubes
1 small watermelon wedge

Muddle the watermelon cubes in the bottom of a shaker glass. Add ice, Patron, lime juice, orange juice and agave nectar syrup. Shake it real good for about 10 seconds or so. Strain the juice and pour it into your favorite margarita glass. :) 

Food for thought---The Skinny Epidemic


Friday, June 22, 2012

I came across a vintage photo advertisement on my Facebook. It's interesting to see how a poster such as this one is advertising slimmer women to gain weight. In comparison to todays advertisements in magazines, billboards, radio, television and everyday society, the message that is given to women is a complete 360 degree difference. I absolutely admire the the 1940's and 1950's time period. Not just for the fashionably aesthetic reasons, but of how the era portrayed women. Women were put onto pedestals while showcasing there God-givin looks. There wasn't any such thing as plastic surgery, so what you saw was what you'll get. It seems like women in that time period unthinkingly bared  their sexuality on their sleeves. Ladies such as, Marylin Monroe, Eartha Kitt and Dorothy Dandgridge to name a few nonchalantly did just that. Their sexuality was honest and undisguised. They did it in such a subtle way that it didn't come off across as trashy, slutty or as if they were trying to hard. Women over a size 8/9 weren't afraid to showcase their curves, which is a reason why I, at times, feel somewhat connected to the women of that era.  Curves were apart of who they were, kind of like a freckle or mole. It was like an accessory to them that was enjoyed dressing up, the bigger the better. 

Unlike today, it's the total opposite. Society is constantly advising women to shed off pounds here or there, to shed a couple of pounds for this holiday or after that holiday, to shed off pounds for the weekend, to drop pounds for the warmer seasons or vacation trips and even worse, to drop pounds to feel attractive or to become attractive to the opposite sex. Society is constantly praising and bringing light to people who posses slimmer figures and that being thin is something that should be celebrated. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being skinny if that is how you naturally are, but trying your hardest to change into a particular size that you are not meant to be is not okay by any means. It's unnatural, unhealthy and just plain stupid.  As a woman I find it offensive when passing by that magazine stands and seeing  covers like this,

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Favorites from Tibi Resort 2013 Collection


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Amy Smilovic of Tibi continued her love of combining sporty materials with classic lady-like silhouettes. In Smilovic's collection she used a wonderful mesh of firery red and orange tones paired with either a sharp solid white or crisp black. One of my favorite pieces from her 2013 Resort Collection was her electric kelp shade structured taffeta ball skirt paired with a fitting black top.  

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Favorites form Cedric Charlier Resort 2013 Collection


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

   Cedric Charlier quickly denounced his reputation for designing garments with floral prints to designing a collection that represents being bold and powerful all while maintaining your femininity. His 2013 collection was inspired by the honest linear aspects of Christobal Balenciaga's 1966 Spring Collection. Charlier showed a cunning collection of sharp razor-like edges paired with architectural influences in the pant suits and shift dresses. The French designer employed strong colors such as crimson, sapphire, chartreuse and violet that's married with doses of black and white. 

Besides the clothes,  I'm really loving the breathtaking view of the New York back drop.

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Style Notes: World Affairs -- Accessories


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bottega Veneta; Ruthenium-plated silver shell cuff

Christian Louboutin; Devidas 140 embellished suede pumps

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Style Notes: World Affairs


Aim for exotic prints and colors this summer that'll take you on an expedition to foreign lands like Africa, India or Bali.  The bolder the print the better.

Dolce & Gabana; tiered printed silk maxi dress. This three layered tiered silk dress was one of the stars in the Dolce & Gabana Spring/Summer 2012 collection that was dedicated to the history of D&G. Wear this dress with stacked metal colored bangles and big chandelier or hoop earrings to complete a boho look.

 Vineet Bahl; Sequined knot-effect chiffon dress *Shown with Lanvin shoes and a Nancy Gonzalez clutch. Wear this handmade sequined dress to a cocktail party or a stylish event for the fourth of July or a Christmas dinner would be an exceptional  reason to wear this  cute number. It has a blue ombre center with a knot that is perfectly placed in the center to insure that it will drape and fall in all the right places.

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Sunday's 'Gram


Sunday, June 10, 2012

A collage of my weekly instagram post

L/R- A quick chalk sketch I did at one of my favorite bars, The Hog Pit; My Jameson and Ginger-Ale at the Hog Pit; It was beautiful out side that day and the sky looked inviting; Lipstick stained wine glass with merlot; I was out in Brooklyn and took a quick snap of a section of a mural; I was feeling pretty that day (Cheeese!!!!); Getting my potassium in, I was hungry; Me waiting for the subway to come, In Brooklyn once again being silly, I just came from an unexpected run from some stockings, the ones I had on ripped :(, I hate when that happens. I love these shoes by the way; I was at this boutique and a lady brought her dog in, he's so cute. I think they call them Labadoodles or something; Me in Brooklyn at an art gallery, this mural was so cool looking.

H&M Fall 2012 Women's Lookbook


Friday, June 8, 2012

The collection is full of jewels, sequins and bedazzled clusters thrown onto sleeves or collars. Bejeweled garments are matched with big in your face jewelry. Bold decked out necklaces were paired with big dangly earrings or jeweled hoops. Some of my favorite pieces from the collection were the dark khaki trouser in the first look, the black faux leather peplum belt is amazing, it will easily spruce up an average looking outfit. The draped black skirt in the second look was foxy little number, I could definitely see some of New York's young fashionistas pulling this number off. The white buttoned down shirt that was shown throughout the collection is a nice basic to add to any fall/winter wardrobe. As far as accessories I wasn't to crazy about the jewelry, but I did love slight cat-eye sunglasses, the blush pink pumps and the bags in the collection such as, the grey and green bag that was shown with the floral outfit and the brown and black clutch with the muted neon green cross handle. My favorite piece was the oversized muted neon green cable knit cardigan/sweater, this as well will easily illuminate a mundane look. 
I will definitely be looking out for this collection when the fall season arrives.

Chanel's Little Black Jacket Exhibition


On Wednesday evening I was given the privilege to photograph the arriving celebrities going into the Chanel's Exhibition of the Little Black Jacket. I arrived there 40 minutes early to make sure I had a good standing place to photograph. While waiting, I was tweeting up a storm about the events to come and watching pedestrians cross the street looking interested as to what was about to take place.  It was 6:30; the door to the exhibit opened. I got ready and put my camera into position and got in my -Im about to take some bad ass photo stance- ( you know, feet slightly wider than shoulder widths apart with one foot slightly ahead of the other with knees slightly bent kind-of-stance)----no one showed up---- I checked the time on my phone to make sure it was the correct time. Yes, it was, but then it finally hit me that this is a fashion event, people are never on time, hence the term "Fashionably Late". So, I got out of Im about to take a bad ass photo stance and continued my twittering and people watching while waiting aimlessly for the guest to arrive. While I was watching Chanel's PR girls getting their last minute check list of the guest, out of the corner of my eye I saw a black Mercedes-Benz with dark tinted window pull up.... I knew it was time.... I immediately got back into my stance and positioned my camera. I honestly cant remember who I saw first or last, It was all a big blur, but an amazing one. Model Joan Smalls,  Karolina Kurkova and several other fashion A-listers soon came. It was like being at fashion week all over again. Other celebrities such as Pharrell Williams, Linda Evangelista, Carine Roitfeld and Theophilius London arrived. Every one was wonderfully dressed, I've never seen so many Chanel bags in one place before. There was so many unique shoes that the ladies were wearing and lets not talk about the vintage Chanel Suits. OMG, I almost died when I saw those. 
Even though it rained halfway through the event, people still kept on a smile and the energy was still at the same 110% as when it first started. I had a wonderful time there. Being at Chanel's Exhibition of the Little Black Jacket taking photo's reminded me of when I first worked Fashion Week this past fall. The energy is always high no matter the weather or the situation and as far as fashion, you had better come dressed to impress because you're bound to be in a picture somehow.  All in all I had a wonderful time, networking with other people within the industry. I was able to get a load of pictures. Most of them can be found on my other site

Here's a couple of my favorite photo's from the night

Chanel bags everywhere

I love this black and white spotted trim

Pharrell Williams

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Africa Fashion Week 2012 Designers Pop Up Event


Last night I attended the pop up showroom event featuring Africa Fashion Week 2012 Designers, with luxury bath and beauty partner Sabon. The event was set in an intimate setting inside the Sabon Shop. The models were wearing the latest pieces from AFW-NY (Africa Fashion Week-NewYork). Placement settings and the dishes from what the 

Hors d'oeuvres were served on were designed by home decor and lifestyle creator
Barbara Garnes which featured her signature graphics "Liberia". 
I was able to get wonderful pictures of the fashions that were showcased along with a few shots of the wonderfully dressed attendees.

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Current Obsession...


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gold Spikes and Pearly Pearls

As of lately I've been wanting to stud and spike everything. I absolutely love the way studded pearls look on garments and accessories.  It gives a hard core, but yet feminine look depending on how its done. I think I might be making over some old garments in my closet soon, especially old jackets and worn out shoes (those are perfect for studding). The following are pictures that were collected from my tumblr and interest

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Bushwick Open Studios Weekend


Monday, June 4, 2012

This weekend I attended the opening reception of the Bushick Open Studios where local artist displayed their works of art to the community. The first night there was an opening party to celebrate the start of the events to come. (I wasn't able to get many pictures due to a dying camera :( .... womb, womb). The night was full of mayhem and music with several rock bands playing their latest collections. There was also lots and lots of street art. Inside the venue I there was this cool mural that I had to take a picture with. Saturday, my lovely friend Chaz who I haven't seen in ages accompanied me to the opening reception of Deborah Brown's "Freewheeling".  After seeing her pieces, she's been added to one of my favorite modern day artist. Deborah Brown's pieces were absolutely amazing. They were full of life, spontaneity and possessed strong character and vivid colorful emotions. My favorite one was the one that had the pink background ( I'm a pink kind of girl!) In the foreground of the painting it looks as if there's an oil refinery of some sort set on a pile of vivid whimsical-like rubble with glooming hues of red, green yellow and blues. Since I'm working on collecting different inspiration images for my lingerie line, I think I might be using several of her works of art as inspiration. 
Chaz and I ended up venturing off into the different rooms where other artist were presenting their work. I think its so interesting to see the different techniques artist use to create their pieces. My second two favorite artist of the night was one whose name I forgot who created colorful glass-like paintings out of resin and Theresa, who painted a series of dreamy oil paintings. After leaving the reception I snapped a couple pictures of a few murals that we ran into, Im a sucker for murals. Friday and Saturday was a wonderful two days that was packed with art, alcohol, deep conversations and lots and lots of laughter. I was able to get a lot of pictures on the second day so I hope you enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed taking them!

The opening party reception

 Another mural I bumped into while walking the streets of Bushwick...

Kinda blurry but still cute!!

Day 2

Deborah Brown's "Freewheeling"
I love the colors and brush stroke technique she used with this painting

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