Bushwick Open Studios Weekend

Monday, June 4, 2012

This weekend I attended the opening reception of the Bushick Open Studios where local artist displayed their works of art to the community. The first night there was an opening party to celebrate the start of the events to come. (I wasn't able to get many pictures due to a dying camera :( .... womb, womb). The night was full of mayhem and music with several rock bands playing their latest collections. There was also lots and lots of street art. Inside the venue I there was this cool mural that I had to take a picture with. Saturday, my lovely friend Chaz who I haven't seen in ages accompanied me to the opening reception of Deborah Brown's "Freewheeling".  After seeing her pieces, she's been added to one of my favorite modern day artist. Deborah Brown's pieces were absolutely amazing. They were full of life, spontaneity and possessed strong character and vivid colorful emotions. My favorite one was the one that had the pink background ( I'm a pink kind of girl!) In the foreground of the painting it looks as if there's an oil refinery of some sort set on a pile of vivid whimsical-like rubble with glooming hues of red, green yellow and blues. Since I'm working on collecting different inspiration images for my lingerie line, I think I might be using several of her works of art as inspiration. 
Chaz and I ended up venturing off into the different rooms where other artist were presenting their work. I think its so interesting to see the different techniques artist use to create their pieces. My second two favorite artist of the night was one whose name I forgot who created colorful glass-like paintings out of resin and Theresa, who painted a series of dreamy oil paintings. After leaving the reception I snapped a couple pictures of a few murals that we ran into, Im a sucker for murals. Friday and Saturday was a wonderful two days that was packed with art, alcohol, deep conversations and lots and lots of laughter. I was able to get a lot of pictures on the second day so I hope you enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed taking them!

The opening party reception

 Another mural I bumped into while walking the streets of Bushwick...

Kinda blurry but still cute!!

Day 2

Deborah Brown's "Freewheeling"
I love the colors and brush stroke technique she used with this painting

Click the jump to view more :)


 My favorite painting of the night

 Say Cheeeeeese :).....

Works done by another local artist

The DJ


 Unique and colorful works of art done with resin 

 I had to snap a picture of these to cutie-pa-tooties.....they're so adorable

Lovely oil paintings done the artist named Theresa

I love her techniques

Leaving the opening reception.... More murals


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