Chanel's Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Friday, June 8, 2012

On Wednesday evening I was given the privilege to photograph the arriving celebrities going into the Chanel's Exhibition of the Little Black Jacket. I arrived there 40 minutes early to make sure I had a good standing place to photograph. While waiting, I was tweeting up a storm about the events to come and watching pedestrians cross the street looking interested as to what was about to take place.  It was 6:30; the door to the exhibit opened. I got ready and put my camera into position and got in my -Im about to take some bad ass photo stance- ( you know, feet slightly wider than shoulder widths apart with one foot slightly ahead of the other with knees slightly bent kind-of-stance)----no one showed up---- I checked the time on my phone to make sure it was the correct time. Yes, it was, but then it finally hit me that this is a fashion event, people are never on time, hence the term "Fashionably Late". So, I got out of Im about to take a bad ass photo stance and continued my twittering and people watching while waiting aimlessly for the guest to arrive. While I was watching Chanel's PR girls getting their last minute check list of the guest, out of the corner of my eye I saw a black Mercedes-Benz with dark tinted window pull up.... I knew it was time.... I immediately got back into my stance and positioned my camera. I honestly cant remember who I saw first or last, It was all a big blur, but an amazing one. Model Joan Smalls,  Karolina Kurkova and several other fashion A-listers soon came. It was like being at fashion week all over again. Other celebrities such as Pharrell Williams, Linda Evangelista, Carine Roitfeld and Theophilius London arrived. Every one was wonderfully dressed, I've never seen so many Chanel bags in one place before. There was so many unique shoes that the ladies were wearing and lets not talk about the vintage Chanel Suits. OMG, I almost died when I saw those. 
Even though it rained halfway through the event, people still kept on a smile and the energy was still at the same 110% as when it first started. I had a wonderful time there. Being at Chanel's Exhibition of the Little Black Jacket taking photo's reminded me of when I first worked Fashion Week this past fall. The energy is always high no matter the weather or the situation and as far as fashion, you had better come dressed to impress because you're bound to be in a picture somehow.  All in all I had a wonderful time, networking with other people within the industry. I was able to get a load of pictures. Most of them can be found on my other site

Here's a couple of my favorite photo's from the night

Chanel bags everywhere

I love this black and white spotted trim

Pharrell Williams

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Look at the detailing of her leather jacket

A yellow Chanel Suit at its finest, I love the back 

Model Joan Smalls

The Man of the hour.....Karl Lagerfeld

To view more photos such as these of Chanel's Little Black Jacket Exhibition go to


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