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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gold Spikes and Pearly Pearls

As of lately I've been wanting to stud and spike everything. I absolutely love the way studded pearls look on garments and accessories.  It gives a hard core, but yet feminine look depending on how its done. I think I might be making over some old garments in my closet soon, especially old jackets and worn out shoes (those are perfect for studding). The following are pictures that were collected from my tumblr and interest

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It's such a cute look to combine items that wouldn't normally be paired together, such as the gold studded bracelet and pearls. This type of combination will go great with some of my fall outfits.
Im crazy in love with these gold studded stockings. I don't know how comfortable they are to walk in especially if your thighs naturally rub together and I highly doubt you can sit in them. Nevertheless, I would want these just for show. They give off a kinky bad girl vibe, but in classy way (whatever that means). Even though I can only see the lower half of model, she looks as though she needs to be carrying a whip and handcuffs :)
I don't know the designer of this jacket but I love how the studs are placed, especially on the inside of the collar. I could picture myself wearing this in the evening on a Friday night out with the girls. I would pair this type of jacket with a nice pair of dark sliming denim jeans and tan booties.
I think I'm going to have to make myself a skirt like this for fashion week. I would love to have a skirt on similar to this while I'm out doing some street photography with my camera slouched over my shoulder at the Lincoln Center. I'll be putting my favorite red stilettos to work wearing my MAC ruby woo painted on my lips and my black derby hat to top the look off. 
 I wish more guys would think outside of the box when it comes to fashion. I really love these shoesI have a pair of old worn out black leather pumps that I might revamp. The way the whole shoe is studded is nice, but for me I think I'm only doing certain parts. 
I don't know who the designer is for these pearl studded pants, but their gorgeous! I wouldn't mind walking down the street in these. I think for this pair of pant I would be bold and do all white, that'll be a sexy unpredictable surprise. 


  1. Amazing post, darling!
    Love those gold spiked leggings!


  2. Me too I really want studded heels

    NRC ♥

  3. Love this! That spiked snakeskin jacket is amazing! Obsessed!


    1. Love finding fellow Texans! I want to go to New York too! Too funny!



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