Food for thought---The Skinny Epidemic

Friday, June 22, 2012

I came across a vintage photo advertisement on my Facebook. It's interesting to see how a poster such as this one is advertising slimmer women to gain weight. In comparison to todays advertisements in magazines, billboards, radio, television and everyday society, the message that is given to women is a complete 360 degree difference. I absolutely admire the the 1940's and 1950's time period. Not just for the fashionably aesthetic reasons, but of how the era portrayed women. Women were put onto pedestals while showcasing there God-givin looks. There wasn't any such thing as plastic surgery, so what you saw was what you'll get. It seems like women in that time period unthinkingly bared  their sexuality on their sleeves. Ladies such as, Marylin Monroe, Eartha Kitt and Dorothy Dandgridge to name a few nonchalantly did just that. Their sexuality was honest and undisguised. They did it in such a subtle way that it didn't come off across as trashy, slutty or as if they were trying to hard. Women over a size 8/9 weren't afraid to showcase their curves, which is a reason why I, at times, feel somewhat connected to the women of that era.  Curves were apart of who they were, kind of like a freckle or mole. It was like an accessory to them that was enjoyed dressing up, the bigger the better. 

Unlike today, it's the total opposite. Society is constantly advising women to shed off pounds here or there, to shed a couple of pounds for this holiday or after that holiday, to shed off pounds for the weekend, to drop pounds for the warmer seasons or vacation trips and even worse, to drop pounds to feel attractive or to become attractive to the opposite sex. Society is constantly praising and bringing light to people who posses slimmer figures and that being thin is something that should be celebrated. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being skinny if that is how you naturally are, but trying your hardest to change into a particular size that you are not meant to be is not okay by any means. It's unnatural, unhealthy and just plain stupid.  As a woman I find it offensive when passing by that magazine stands and seeing  covers like this,

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 or this.

 I guess marketers, advertisers and editors think women are stupid... Smh... One minute (in the same article) you're advising women on how to love themselves and embrace their curves and at the same time you're advocating the best ways on how to loose weight. The crazy thing about it is that it's not only women who read or look at these magazines, they're young women and sometimes girls. Young teens already have it bad enough with holding on to their youth and innocence in such a sexualized society. They don't need to be confused or unsure about their body image. 

It's very bothersome that people are using the term "real women" when referring to women with curves. Can someone please explain to me what  a "real woman" is? -Is a woman with a slim figure any less of a woman than I? The last time I checked, having a vagina is the only thing that determines you're gender.--- It's hard sometimes even for me, since I work in the fashion industry. When I first started out, I can admit, I was a little self conscious about my body. Not because of the advertisements of magazines and television, but because for the first time I really felt like I was out of my element. There was at the time young women whose body types and eating habits were much different form mine. (I grew up in the South, East Texas to be exact, and my household didn't play all that anorexic and being on a diet crap just for the hell of kind-of-mess "When there's food on the table and mama cooked you better eat", if you get where I coming from.) I was a bit more curvier than the other girls in my classes and internships. I didn't no anything about no damn dieting, that just wasn't me. The main thing I remembered hearing the most was how they needed to watch their figure and exercise their chocolate fudge brownie off that they just ate.... Isn't life supposed to be about enjoying your self? What's the point in eating a delicious brownie if you're not going to enjoy it?

 I enjoy all types of food from beef ribs to sushi, but eating salads and soups all day every day will probably never be my thing, a girl's gotta eat.  Even though I enjoy food, I don't over indulge and I can honestly say that I am more healthy and physically fit than most women who are half my size (FYI, I'm a size 12 and a 10 on a good day). I just started back a couple of months ago buying magazines even-though, I got annoyed with all of the  hypocrisy that I had to endure while flipping the pages of Elle or Vogue. I do feel like the industry is slowly changing, but it's up to each individual woman to define her own standard of beauty instead of letting society and some dumb advertisement or magazine define it for them. I absolutely love my body. I love my hips that unintentionally knocks over things and my behind that sometimes can have a mind of it's own, especially when I'm walking. As of now I can genuinely say that love and I embrace what my mother ever so kindly blessed me with even when I'm around a bunch of "trying to be skinny folk."

So my question is how do you feel about the advertisements of today compared with the ones of the past? 
If you have had a similar experience or background as I have, how did you overcome the "I wanna be skinny epidemic"?
For my curvier readers, do you feel a connection when you look at actresses, models or advertisements from the 40's and 50's?


  1. I have curves and I'm fine with it :)
    I think Marilyn Monroe is a great role model!!
    Great post,

    LOVE BO,


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