Sunday's 'Gram

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A collage of my weekly instagram post

L/R- A quick chalk sketch I did at one of my favorite bars, The Hog Pit; My Jameson and Ginger-Ale at the Hog Pit; It was beautiful out side that day and the sky looked inviting; Lipstick stained wine glass with merlot; I was out in Brooklyn and took a quick snap of a section of a mural; I was feeling pretty that day (Cheeese!!!!); Getting my potassium in, I was hungry; Me waiting for the subway to come, In Brooklyn once again being silly, I just came from an unexpected run from some stockings, the ones I had on ripped :(, I hate when that happens. I love these shoes by the way; I was at this boutique and a lady brought her dog in, he's so cute. I think they call them Labadoodles or something; Me in Brooklyn at an art gallery, this mural was so cool looking.


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