A wonderful article from a dear friend

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Check out my wonderful friend's article with CBS Boston.

 Keesa Mckoy is attending Boston University working on her masters in Broadcasting Journalism. As of now she is enrolled in the study abroad program with Boston's London campus. She is working so hard towards her dream career. 
 I enjoy seeing all of my friends doing well around me and this is only more proof that I only associate myself with successful people. You're not going to catch me in a million years hanging around a bunch of Lame-O's who don't give a crap about bettering themselves and their careers. 

To view her article click the link below:


  1. OMG!...I have never seen this photograph!, But I love it!

    This was from out little lunch date in the Village huh?!.... Thank you so much, and I've also blasted your blog, where have you been hiding it? I love it!

    1. Yeah it is! Your welcome and thanks for liking it hopefully I can turn this into a career. Im trying to get more people aware of it :)



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