Nasty Gal Fall 2012 Lookbook


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's finally here!! Metal, mesh and fringe are all the reasons why I love their  Fall 2012 collection. Nasty gal created a "Weird Science" themed collection to marriage parts of the past with future. Infamous 80's bondage dresses and moto jackets were created to portray a modern day look with a twist. I will definitely be heading over to Nasty Gal to get a few pieces from this collection.

Head over to Nasty Gal to shop this collection

Wrap Me In Leather


Friday, August 24, 2012

 Deep Plum hues are a perfect way to incorporate one of the most popular colors that will be showing up this fall. Bring this look to life by wearing needle thin stiletto's and pairing it with a colorful clutch. Accessories could be kept to a minimum or you choose a plethora of accessories to accompany this leather plum pleated dress. 
Shop this look: 
Alexander McQueen Plum pleated leather dress, Here
Gianvito Rossi Silk-Satin Pumps, Here
Yves Saint Laurent Belle du Jour Patent Leather Clutch, Here

Sylvia Toledano Byzance cuff, Here

Lenora Earrings, Here

This leather paneled crepe dress by Milly has marigold yellow crepe surrounding a midnight blue leather panel which makes a chic architectural statement. This dress will keep you looking crisp and fashion forward. To keep up with the style of this dress choose a colored pump that compliments the yellow hue. 
Shop this look:
Milly Dress, Here
Diane Von Furstenberg Serra Suede and Textured-Leather Pumps, Here
Banana Republic Pearl Bracelet, Here
Christian Louboutin Leopard Clutch, Here
Yoola Gypsy Gold Hoops, Here
Nars Sheer Lipstick in Vendanges, Here

A.L.C's  Mika two toned stretch leather dress will instantly give you a chic downtown appeal. This figure hugging silhouette with a mix of tough girl will definitely keep heads turning.  A.L.C's Mika dress is  a cute option for a cocktail dress with a twist.
Shop this look:
A.L.C Dress, Here
Valentino Studded Red Pumps, Here
Emilio Pucci Brass Onyx Ring, Here
Cathy Waterman Double Milgrain Flower Earrings, Here
Christopher Kon Gwendolyn Clutch, Here
Lee Angel Double Swirling Bracelet, Here



Thursday, August 23, 2012

8am my alarm went off...I decided to sleep in for what was supposed to be an extra 5 minutes... that somehow turned into 30. Realizing that It was a half hour until 9am I unwillingly staggered myself out of bed. On most days I have to leave the house by 9:10 in order to be comfortable while making my commute to work. When I say being comfortable I mean that I don't have to rush. I can take my time, go grab breakfast and arrive to work 10 to 15 minutes before 10am. That's usually how I like it. However, since my plan to sleep in an extra 5 minutes didn't go as planned, I had to rush making my mid morning commute a little bit uncomfortable. I hurried up got myself together and looked for something to wear. I hate this part in the morning. Out of all the clothes that I have I can never find anything halfway decent to put on, but that's probably the story from every woman I know. Laundry day was passed due and for the past couple of day's I've been trying to put certain outfits together so that I could get away without doing laundry. I saw this army green collard dress poking out of my luggage that's been waiting for me to unpack it for the last couple of weeks. I pulled it out; it didn't look to wrinkled, so I decided to put it on and then to slip on my nude strap sandal heels. I got ready in such a hurry that I couldn't even think about putting on make-up, just chap stick. I picked up my purse and then my keys and made my way out of the door. As soon as I made it outside was speed walking like I was in one of those walking races that they have in track and field. Half way down a couple of blocks to the subway when I looked down and saw how man hairy my legs were. I thought to myself, "Damn. If I weren't running so late I would go back and change into something that isn't so leg revealing." I was running late so I couldn't worry two bits about it. 

I rushed to the subway, hoping to catch the next train arriving and surprisingly as I was coming down the stairs one was just pulling up.--- I made it to work right on time. Thank God...

Work was work as usual. Same thing different day; it's work. Filing papers, running errands, making copies, placing orders, answering emails and back to filing papers, running errands, making copies, placing orders, answering emails until 5 o'clock.

Finally, it was about that time for me to leave. I had to make a personal errand to the B&H camera store to price check some equipment for an up coming project that I'll be working on and to purchase a wireless remote, which I ended up returning later on in the week because of a missing part...smh.

It was 5:45 now and my stomach was grumbling as if I haven't eaten all day. There was a bar not to far from where I was on 9th avenue. They had a really good happy hour going on :). I ordered a plate of fried calamari that was drizzled with marinara sauce and drank a cold lager to wash it down with. 

A few lagers later and after my conversation with this guy whose wife was a photographer, I was out the door. It was a pretty nice evening, which made going straight home seem kind of lame. The pier wasn't to far, only a few blocks up. I enjoy most things that have to do with being surrounded by nature, whether it may be being around flowers, surrounded by trees and greenery from the country side or being close to water. The evening was beautiful at the pier. I sat there watching the tide hit the deck and swiftly sweeping back up. I then let my eye's wonder aimlessly at the seagulls flying around playing tag with one another. 

 I relaxed for a little bit watching the sun set while catching up on one of my monthly reads of Elle Magazine. I would peer up from my pages every now and again to look at the group of amateurs practicing their ballroom hustle.

I guess I was so absorbed into my own thought's because when I looked up again from my magazine the sky seemed to be transforming from it's radiant amber colored rays to collage of deeper golds, pinks and purples. It's amazing how nature can adapt and change depending on the time, climate or season. It sounds crazy, but at this moment I thought to myself, "I want to be like the sky so I can be able to adapt and transform myself as time goes on and still remain such a beautiful spirit." I reached into my bag moving over the God-knows-how-long-day-old-junk to search for my Nikon. I wanted to capture the beauty of the sky through my lens. I snapped away, repositioned myself and re-focused and snapped away some more having a mental artistic romance with the sky, myself and my Nikon. 

I looked at my phone and to my surprise it a quarter before 9. The way that the sky was morphing itself into an array of celestial colors was alluring and angelic. It made me forget about how the time was quickly passing away without my authority. Unhappy that I had to call it a early night,  I packed up my things still not ready to leave and not wanting to ever leave such an honest beauty. 

I don't believe in buying many things for the full price because most of the times they are guaranteed to go on sale. For intense, I've been looking at a pair of earrings from Urban Outfitters for a while now. I didn't get them then because I couldn't justify paying $24.00 dollars for wire earrings with a bunch of beads on them so I waited...and I waited...and I waited until they finally went on sale. Yes!!! They were on sale for $9.99 with an additional 50% off which made the $4.99. Yup, that's a huge difference. Patience is a virtue. I also ran across a collar necklace that I really loved. The original price for that was $28.00 and was on sale for $9.99 with an additional 50% off. Amazing! I was able to get my two items for a total of $10.86! If I would have paid full price for both items I would have been paying a little over $52.00. Whhew, $10.86 is a gigantic difference; I'm so glad I waited. 

Introducing.......Foxy Bluebonnet


Sunday, August 19, 2012

On September 1st 2012, just 13 days away, I will be opening up my online vintage shop, Foxy Bluebonnet, on Etsy. Over the years I have collected so many amazing, unique and beautiful vintage pieces from jewelry, garments, and shoes. I have incorporated many pieces into my personal wardrobe and others that couldn't fit, well....I guess they just had a good time decorating my closet. Most of my garments from my wardrobe are close to my heart. Even though, it sounds a little cheesy, it's true. They have acquired a certain and unique character over the past couple of years and provoke distinct memories of people, places, and travels. I do admit that sometimes most of the times I have a shopping addiction when I go on thrifting ventures to stores such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, and local thrift shops. Preparing to sell my pieces has sparked my interest into making Foxy Bluebonnet a permanent business. I've now decided to put my addiction to something useful. I will not only be selling pieces from my own wardrobe, but selling pieces that I have bought off of vintage sellers, estate sells and buying trips that I've been going on. Foxy Bluebonnet will be the vintage resource for trendy young women, as myself, to buy vintage pieces that they can incorporate into their everyday wardrobe for any occasion. Foxy Bluebonnet will acquire only quality pieces with a "like-new" appeal. Thus fore, there wont be any damages or malfunctions with the items that I choose to sell. Since preparing for the opening of my store I have been getting more and more passionate with each day and can't wait until September 1st arrives.

The following pictures are teaser photo's of what's to come September 1st.....Stay tuned!

Street Vagrants


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


*St. Marks Pl

St. Marks Pl & Ave. A

 St. Marks Pl & Ave. A

 St. Marks Pl. & Ave. A

She was my favorite...I love her look!
Tompkins & E. 7th St.

I love this flirtatious angular cut of her dress
Tompkins & E. 7th St.

1st Ave. & E. 7th St.

 Lukas' T-Shirt was from one of my favorite designers, Rick Owens
1st Ave & E. 7th St. 

He's so adorable :)

Check out those glasses!

1st Ave. & E. 7th St. 

 1st. Ave & E. 7th St. 

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