Fall Preparation

Thursday, August 2, 2012

As y'all know from my Spring Preparation post, Im not very fund of following fashion trends. I believe that every person has their own unique style and beauty in which should be celebrated by that individual person. It should be admired no matter what the fashion trend reports dictate. It gets annoying seeing everyone wearing the same genre of colors and and similar styles, especially now. I usually enjoy pastel colors, but goodness, I'm sick of seeing almost every woman walking down the street wearing those same damn pastel colored jeans. Where's the individuality! 

 Being from East Texas most of the times I was able to wear the same variety of clothes that I did in the summer (except for shorts and shorter length skirts) in the "winter" minus the fact that I wore a sweater or jacket over. Since moving to New York, after two years I now enjoy being able to go shopping for fall/winter garments and I absolutely love layering. For this fall/winter season I'm going to focus on incorporating bold and bright colors into my wardrobe. I'm done with the black and grey pea-coats, sweaters and jackets. I'll be on the hunt for trench coats, pea-coats, jackets, and sweaters that are screaming with color. I'm also going to make slouch sweaters part of my wardrobe, especially the vintage cropped sweaters; they're so comfy. 
Ornate jewelry, such as decorative chandelier earrings with bold jewels will most likely be my favorite accessory for this coming season. Delicate necklaces and bracelets will probably be the most jewelry I will wear except for rings and earrings. I will also be very selective when purchasing shoes this fall. I loooove wearing heels, but they're not practical for everyday use when walking around the city, thus for, I wont be buying as many pairs of foxy stilettos and cutesy girly girl pumps. I will try my hardest not to  purchase those types of hells unless they pass my checklist, original, fun, and they have to be different from the rest of the shoes that I already own. No more will I purchasing 3 different pairs of red pumps (unless they meet my checklist of course :). 
As far as hair and make-up, I want to keep it simple. Although I don't know how to  properly put on foundation, concealer, blush and fancy eyeshadow,  I'm only going to be concerned with wearing simple black eyeliner or just mascara while keeping my eyelid nude or a dusted with a light shadow. I will also be keeping my lips painted with bold, bright and electric colors such as red, orange, purple and pink. I will try my best not to dye my hair again. I just dyed it black, but I've been having an itch to dye it a light caramel brown with barbie blond highlights. I'll just wait for the spring.... Maybe. I don't think I will be experiencing with to many updo's  this season. I'll mostly just keep it looking big and fluffy. 

I created a mood board like a do every season to help me organize my shopping and thought process and vision for creating specific looks for this upcoming season.


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