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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Heel Suede Pump

This shoe screams Hotness!!! Giuseppe Zanotti is one of my favorite shoe designers and he never cease to amaze me with all of the wonderfulness he continues to produce. I'm already a fan of red shoes, so this comes as no surprise to me, but it's something about that color that makes me get a little week in the knees and willing to buy what ever flattering red garment or shoe that comes my way. I feel hot, sexy and all woman when I put on a pair of red pumps, paint my lips red or slip on a flirtatious red dress. A lot of fashion people within the fashion industry will tell say that every woman should own a little black dress and a pair of black pumps. - I disagree, red pumps are a must. It can effortlessly transform a boring outfit into fabulous. What's great about this pump is that you wont have to accessorize to much. The heel is decked out in crystals which gives the shoe a modest surprise element. I do have to forewarn y'all....be prepared to stop traffic while wearing a shoe like this. Shoes similar to this one will having you channeling your inner Beyonce like you're in her "Crazy in Love" video.... Trust me, I've learned from experience.

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