Sol Afrik's New York Fashion Week Presentation

Monday, September 24, 2012

September 21, 2012

 It was refreshing to see a variety of models being portrayed at Sol Afrik's Presentation other that what is usually being showed on the runways, catwalks, magazine covers, etc., as to what beauty is supposed to look like. Beauty has no boundaries. It does not discriminate on gender, skin tone, race, nationality, sexuality, body size/type or hair texture. With all of the different aspects of the fashion industry, I unfortunately know way to many people of color who aren't being recognized for their hard work and talents. "While the U.S. industry standard for fashion is to obtain designers, models, photographers, etc., only from Paris, London, Barcelona, Milan and Madrid, Sol Afrik delves into the untapped market of the African Diaspora" 

Friday I had the privilege to attend Sol Afrik's New York Fashion Week Presentation at the Rush Galleries in Chelsea. It was a pleasure to be apart of and witness so many creative and talented stylist, designers, photographers, bloggers and up in coming entrepreneurs, like myself. It is always inspiring when I witness people of the African Diaspora being recognized for something positive. It truly warms my heart to see people of color working hard at their artistic talents. 

I'm already excited to see future presentations from Sol Afrik!!!

Sol Afrik's dancers performing a fabulous routine :)

By the time the presentation started,  it was unexpectedly packed. The proof is in the right hand portion of this photo. It was impossible to get a clear shot without someones flash being part of the picture. With that said, surprisingly this is my favorite photo of the event. I love it. It's raw, honest and captures the event within the moment. There were so many cameras flashing and so many photographer trying to get the models attention at that particular time. It was exciting being in the chaotic mix of all of the photographers (including myself) desperately trying to capture the perfect shot. I love how all the models aren't looking into the same camera. They all have separate poses and various facial expressions, but yet they still seem to be in sync with one another. 

Oh yea, do ya'll see the chick on the left...nothing less than gorgeous!!!! 


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