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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On Saturday, my friend Christina and I decided to go hiking on the Appalachian Trail in Tuxedo, New York. It was a poorly planned trip thanks to my procrastination. All week I had the urge to get out of the city for a while and that tingly feeling of being surrounded by nature was strongly calling my name. So,  about 5 or 6 days prior to us going on the trip I asked Christina to go hiking with me. She agreed, but her persistent questions about where we were going caused me to lie a little bit about exact destination. I didn't know where we were going and planning an instate trip 5 or 6 days in advance was a little to early for my taste. Im a procrastinator...The night before our hike around 12 am I researched places for us to go and half-ass got took notes on the directions to the trail. We met up at Penn Station at 8:30 and of course I was running 15 minutes late. ( I couldn't find my shoes) After figuring out that the directions that I had were wrong I had to ask several people how to get to my destination properly. At 10:30 we boarded our bus and by 10:45 sharp the bus took off. Once we arrived we had a quick photo session before getting our hike on.

As I was fumbling around with my backpack, I heard Christina say something that sounded like, "Oh my Gosh its a bear" or something to that affect. Me, not really paying attention and thinking to myself, "Yea girl whatever, okay Christina" looked up only because I had a nagging gut feeling to do so. I'm glad I did because unfortunately she was right. There was this big ass bear running diagonally towards us (or so I thought) from across the road. I saw Christina run behind this medium sized tree and for some odd reason I decided to do the same because obviously the tree was going to protect us from a bear attack and the bear wouldn't be able to find us hiding behind a tree with my bright pink backpack poking out from behind it....Smh. After we sensed that it was safe to come from behind the tree a truck pulled up and asked us if we saw the bear that just past. Showing him how uncomfortable and scared we were, he ushered for us to get in his truck so he could take us to his sisters house that was down the street... I politely turned down his offer. I was scared, not crazy... 

The truck left and while we were debating if we should still hike, we noticed this stereotypical serial killer/rapist looking guy taking pictures of us from afar. He was a little lanky with shoulder length jet black greasy hair. He wore this blue light denim dingy button down shirt with off black denim jeans. He looked like the type of serial killer that you see in movies which are set in small erie towns. He would be characterized as the towns creepy weirdo that no one talks to.  He approached us saying that he was going hiking off the trail up in the mountains somewhere. It was strange to me that one would go hiking up a mountain with no equipment, no backpack, no food or water, no basic survival equipment, but only a cell phone and a small cup of coffee. Very strange. He wanted us to join him, but again we politely turned down the offer and said, "No thanks." We were scared, not crazy, dumb or stupid. We waited for him to leave, which took forever and half a day, before we started our hike. Our day seemed as though it was full of omens from the get go, from me not getting the right directions, to the bear that was running around like crazy, and the two weirdies trying to kidnap us. Needles to say, we were off to a bad start.  It seemed as though it wasn't real or as if we were the joke of a show of how many things could go wrong in one day. After Christina found herself a sharp stone and Moses-like stick just in case she needs to fight off that serial killer/rapist-looking guy, we started to make our way up the hill. 

Once we started our hike it was so peaceful and beautiful. Lush greenery, beautiful gray stones of various sizes and shapes, tranquil sounds of water passing. It was hypnotizing watching the water from the stream seduchingly teasing the pebbles and stones along the stream. Every now and then I would hear a splash from a frog jumping into the water or a chipmunk tussling with the shrubbery or leaves being broken by a deer's footsteps. It was hard to believe that we were only a hour away form NYC. The Appalacian Trails was the definition of a beautiful escape away from the loud and never ending city life. A few hours passed and it was getting near 5 pm. We decided to head back before the sun began to set. While making our way back we saw another bear. Rightfully so, I designated myself to be the calm one in that situation. Christina had been freaking out throughout the whole hike about the serial killer/rapist look-a-like and mistaking almost every dark colored tree stump for bears. After the bear decided to leave we finished walking back. We ended our trail just a couple of minutes past 6 pm.

I plan on adding hiking to my list of hobbies and plan to do it again soon, but except being more organized and with better shoes. I chose to wear my 6 year old sneakers that have been worn down and laid around. Needless to say, my feet, knees and legs were killing me. It was a wonderful experience, being that it was my first time hiking and I hope to discover more beautiful and nature filled trails such as the Appalachians.

The serial killer/rapist guy who was trying to get us to hike with him off  of the trail...

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  1. Well that was one of the craziest, most awesomest stories I've read... uh, glad you made it out alive. I've been on the Appalachian Trail many times and luckily (?) it was never that exciting. Great pics! Glad I found your site.


  2. Hahaha I like the picture of the serial killer at the top! :-)

  3. Great post!!

    Love Love


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