Bullets on Bleeker St.

Monday, October 1, 2012

On Wednesday, I discovered an amazing independent jewelry designer, by the name of Eddie, at The Market on Bleeker St. His jewelry is a cool and is a unique juxtaposition of turning something that is sometimes used for evil into something that is beautiful, decorative, and fashionable. He conveys his vision by using bullets as ornate decorative necklaces and bracelets. Every detail from the way the pieces were engraved with lace like patterns and letters to the way the bullets were put together and paired with other gems and stones is an interesting combination to look at. His jewelry not only portrays the passion that he has for his craft, but shows the hard work that was put into making such beautiful pieces.

Eddie usually shows his pieces at The Market on most days (159 Bleeker Street), but if you are interested in obtaining one of his pieces contact him by email at eddiehwp@hotmail.com.


  1. So interesting items! I love the necklaces so much :)

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  3. these pieces are amazing! i definitely have to drag my self to bleecker to him out. this is really cool!


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