Super Trash Launch Party

Monday, October 29, 2012

 On Thursday I had the privilege to attend and cover the launch party for  SuperTrash that was hosted by Montmartre. I was instantaneously swept away by their sharp and well crafted collection. The garments portrayed feminine qualities with hints of funk and rock and roll chic. My favorite look was a neoprene mint-turquoise wiggle dress that was paired with a white jacket, by the stores talented and quick thinking stylist. Ashley, the manager of Montmartre turned model, wore the dress like a pro. She also tried on a plethora of other garments. It's always enlightful to see garments that have great hanger appeal on a three dimensional form. I also fell in love with their exquisitely crafted bubble gum pink short suit. The jacked was adorned with three zippers, one in the middle for a closure and one on each bottom left and right sides for pockets. The jacket was perfectly tailored and the puff sleeves added drama with a touch of hollywood sophistication. Accompaning the jacket were the hotter than hot mama shorts that were just as beautifully constructed and well thought out as the matching jacket. The shorts had two pleats on each side, which is a plus for curvy girls like myself. It was also accessorized by a zipper on the left side for a closure. I can't wait to get my hands on both the neoprene dress and the bubble gum pink short suit.
The entire SuperTrash collection was well thought out. There were more than a handful of garments that were not only fashion forward, but practical, which is something rare. Pieces in the collection could be combined with other outfits, worn on different occasions and throughout the four seasons. The collection wasn't overly designed, but designed well enough that one could go from the office to a date or party without the perplexity of having to change clothes. I strongly recommend this collection to women who are transitioning from college to work in the professional environment. From the neoprene garments and to the customizable jumpsuit, this collection posses a hip uptown girl vibe with a clashes of sophistication that every woman will fall in love with.

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  1. Really nice outfits (:

    Juls <3
    from Italy.

  2. The outfits are really great dear :)

    I liked your blog, it's simply amazing and full of sense of style!

    I'm now following. Kisses from Portugal*

  3. Gorgeous pieces! I would wear everything.

  4. Love the whole display.

  5. Gorgeous collection!
    Love that scuba dress!


  6. Looks like a fun time and lots of great shopping!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. gorgeous pieces, love them and they can just come live in my closet .
    Xo Megan

  8. The white dress is absolutely gorgeous. Follow each other?


  9. YES to that shorts suit! Amazing :)



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