Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"You are what you eat" We often times take that old saying for granted. Most common skin problems such as dry skin, acne, oily skin and skin irritation can be prevented by consuming foods that actually benefit the body. An ample amount of fried foods, sweets and processed foods are the main reasons why we get breakouts. I see women all the time that have skin problems like the ones mentioned who believe that they are fixing the problem by buying topical products. Yes, topical products help, but they only act as a band aid if your diet isn't high in foods that improves your well being. In order to properly correct skin problems you must first correct what you are consuming. Foods that are rich in vitamin C protect skin cells, strengthen the skin's barrier response, reduce inflammation, promote collagen production and lessens hyper-pigmentation. Vitamin B helps keep the skin tone healthy, it assist with skin problems such as eczema and it increases blood circulation. Vitamin E is vital in protecting skin cells from ultra violet light and elements that produce cell damaging free radicals. It helps maintain the skin's oil balance during the cleansing process and it reduces water loss. One of the most important elements of vitamin E is that along with its skin strengthening properties it improves the appearance of scars and acne spots. For those who suffer from dry skin, omega-3 is extremely beneficial. The body does not produce omega-3 and 6 naturally so we have to consume foods that contain it. Omega-3 is packed with super hydrating and inflammatory properties and assist with elasticity and omega-6 will help stimulate the skin.
Now that you know this, let's start fixing our problems from the inside out. Remember beauty is more than skin deep, so treat it as such. 


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